No Fear

mystoryFear can hinder our ability to move forward with our lives .  People go through dry spells in their lives and during these times of uncertainty and licking our wounds- we may fall prey to people who speak negativity into our lives. We are looking to do the right thing , make the right decisions and we have all kinds of people waiting in the wings who seem to know what you should be doing. It is important to step back and remember the goals that we are aiming for and furthermore we should set boundaries around our thought process, to keep our thought focus on those things that will move us forward with our goals. One naysayer may keep you waiting at the gate of your success if you buy what they are speaking into your life. Always check in with yourself, is what I am doing bringing me closer to my goal or is it bringing me farther away?  Most importantly, say no to fear and yes to successful living, we do not have to be afraid to move forward with our lives, rather embrace change and the transition will be more exciting.

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