Kernel of Corn

I love to feed ducks the little kernels of corn and watch closely as I begin to see the best and the worst come out from the flock of ducks. Some seem humble and try , and fail- to scramble to the morsel before the others. Some are of the winner takes all attitude. And then there those who actually share with the others, these come few and far between. What becomes of the corn? Does anybody really care? For that moment of chance in time- it has become food for the duck. Maybe some kernels that have been left untouched on the earth by the flock will sprout into a plant if the best conditions are beheld for that to happen. It has been known to happen. Does the kernel struggle to know what it may become and toil itself to develop into what the fate of its future may be? Not at all , it’s a kernel of corn, in the hands of man. If conditions for the corn -water, light , and a place to grow exist- it will become a plant with many more kernels produced at harvest time. We tend to worry and wait, and strive so hard sometimes to develop into what we try to be. Myself , sometimes it seems like all I ever do is wait for something to happen, something to develop. We can provide all the conditions in the world for some things, but we are not in control of anything , really . When we choose to let go and allow what was meant to happen-to happen- with a little more peace like the kernel of corn, we cut short all that anticipation.

Jacksonville, FL

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