snow-dawn-nature-skyWhat the world tells you about yourself does not create a true view of who you really are. People are unpredictable, thrown by the wind, up and down by emotion and imperfect in every way. Thank God we do not gain our value , our worth and our integrity based on what people may think of us. People may try to mold you, manipulate you , control you , or on the other hand- affirm you, build you up, empower you or support you. Love seeks to give unconditionally, and support despite the odds.

Perceptions are sensory awareness that may be real or may be tainted by the conditions that people and life experiences may impose.  Good boundaries help us to set a safety zone around ourselves to keep the bad things out and to accept those good things in life that are OK to receive. Sometimes these distorted perceptions are responsible for an inability to set healthy boundaries against bad people, places, and things. Choose to accept what will affirm you, empower you and support you in your life goals. It’s never too late to stand up against those things that want to belittle, defame or tear you down.

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