For Grace

I want to take a minute to honor a wonderful woman of God who has passed into the eternal arms of the Lord this week. She will be missed by all who knew her. If you have ever known someone who treats you like you are the most important person in life-then you have touched the hem of His garment and felt the warmth of His loving arms around you.To Grace you were the most important person in life. She was a friend to those who were not befriended by most people and a friend to those who were the most popular people going. This was because she was a demonstrator of Christ – to all she met even when she was not having the greatest of days herself. Grace taught me the importance of the power of the blood of Jesus , she would daily have communion with Jesus and symbolically partake of communion of the elements because she believed that we always need to remember what Christ did for us. He took all pain , all sickness all suffering at the cross, He took away death and made a way so that we who had no hope for eternal life would be able to receive eternal life. Grace is dancing with God’s angels today in His sweet presence and celebrating life because of what Jesus did – she knew Jesus and served Him all her life, so now she is living life eternally with Him. We will miss her very much. By His grace will see her again in Glory.

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