Castle of My Dreams

Every woman dreams of her Castle experience. You know that moment when we daydream of finally stumbling upon the pristine gates of the “Castle of our dreams” nestled in a deep, emerald forest? It is not just the intrigue of what beauty lies beyond those majestic doors, but also the longing memory of a love who was faithful, courageous and true to each of our hearts. We may still be waiting in great anticipation for our true love to return. The table is filled with treasures and a feast for royalty, and ….our love bids us “come and dine with me”. We have longed for this invitation!” We are willing to receive all that you have for us , my love; the table you have prepared for us before our enemies,the treasures, the feast, the company of a love who has all that we need… here in the Castle of our dreams.

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