From Abuse to Metamorphosis

When scientists study the transformation of a butterfly in the chrysalis stage they see something that is miraculous. The worm has it’s brain, legs, and body-they eat and stay as long as they have in their life cycle, then they are in a cocoon while the body, brain and life becomes transformed into a completely different insect. It was said that death brings forth new life. It fascinated me that scientists have deemed it impossible to put this transformation in line with an evolutionary process. It has been said that it is a virtually miraculous process. Yet when the stage is over , a beautiful new insect emerges… different brain, different body , different life cycle….most amazing!!! I believe that people who have been beaten, sexually abused or wounded emotionally are also creatures who need a transformation. They need new brains, new bodies and a new life! Things that had kept them victimized and immobilized have to die-so that life can come forth. Let those old things that make you wrapped up and stuck in a cocoon, drop off . Break forth into your new life!! It is your choice!

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