Woodchuck Saved By Fate

It certainly took great courage to run in front of my car which was going 60 miles an hour. A woodchuck may have been sporting some extra pounds, but that did not stop his feet from scrambling wildly as he crossed in front of me. He seemed to anxiously glance at me as if to make sure he cleared the finish line-or my car bumper! This woodchuck’s fate was altered by two quail who had caught my eye. It appeared they were snacking in the bushes. It seemed that spotting these lovely birds caused me to become more cautious of that country-rendezvous . When the chubby Olympian made his way crossed the road, I was able to stop before his fate met with my gray Toyota. I can see where cartoon expressions are developed- when the look on this poor critter’s face would have been a priceless picture. How terrifying that walk became for him at that moment! Saved he was!
I spent Memorial Day afternoon in the country visiting my daughter in Cooperstown. It was a very beautiful afternoon. I want to thank all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of our nation. I am sure that you all had near misses and in some cases this thanks is extended to those families who have lost a loved one-no greater love that a man should lay down his life for a brother…my dad earned a purple heart he was wounded in the Korean war. My son served time in Afghanistan and Iraq-I am also very proud of him, he was not wounded physically-thank God he made it home safely! I am very proud of all of those who served and who still are serving this nation bravely- no greater courage!! Thank you to you and your beloved families!!

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