Even from childhood I have been fascinated by trains…as so many other kids. I love the way they make a wailing lament as they enter into a city…almost to say “Oh how I would love to stop for awhile…to rest…. to settle down in your city….but my job is to just keep on going”….as if in a deep travail. Those that are in a city for a time sometimes get the wanderlust…”Oh if I could just go somewhere else and sense or feel something new…but my job is just to stay right here”.., again almost in deep travail. I was driving parallel to a train today and I got a bit of a thrill to think that I was going where the train was going…down that long road we went. As I was driving it seemed as if the train was running with me…faster….faster. I had to stop at a stop light…..looked to my right at the train and to my amazement the train was stopped….all this time I thought I was chasing the train….but it was never moving. We often run after things…with our own contrived concept until one day we discover …it was nothing like what we thought it was. The truth is what sets us free…not our own contrived concepts.

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