Gate Beautiful

Open wides you gates ….and let the King Of Glory come in….We had a guest visitor, Eric Butler. This man is a psalmist and prophet of God. His message for this region (CNY upstate NY and western NY) was a powerful one. I was especially touched by what he said about those who have waited on a promise for a very …long time. He used the story of the man who sat by the gate beautiful for 40 years. This man had become used to being there…leaning to the reward of a few fleshly coins. Most of those who passed him by had nothing more to give him-but those coins. Then one day the disciples of Jesus came by him and when the man begged them they simply said to him:”silver and gold have I none….but such that I have I give unto thee…rise up and walk.” Many of us sit by the gate beautiful…that door that is open to us…the door where lives will be changed forevermore… if we can be awakened to a new level of life that God has for each one…sometimes it takes someone who does not look at you like everyone else does…expecting the same old..familiar thing….someone who sees far beyond what can be seen with our eyes. It takes someone like this to awaken those who sleep by the gate beautiful….someone who encourages them to walk through the gate….where those promises have laid waiting…………for years.

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