Tea Time With God

This devotional was borrowed from the “Book Tea Time with God” ,by Honor Books, Tulsa, Oklahoma.1996.pp 94. I am not going to cite the whole passage, but reflect about it. “For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak….though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come. Hab 2:3 This is a quote: ” Many of the major symphonies we know and love have what has come to be called ‘the grand finale’. Beethoven’s symphonies, in particular, are noted for this. The final movement of the symphony may begin with a gentle and melodious theme, then suddenly there will be a flurry of sound and rhythm that builds, increasing to a climax that often includes a great deal of percussion and every section of the orchestra playing at full tilt. The listener is swept toward a glorious conclusion.” The writer then went into examples of how it is also this way in life-no matter what it is the closer we get to the end of a project , the more energy we pour into it. The theme was very important. We would all benefit from stopping every so often in the middle of our days, projects, etc. and sit down quietly and share a cup of tea with God-let Him usher in your final hour of the day. Matthew 6:34 “God will take care of your tomorrow, too. Live one day at a time.” I thought that this advise was so valuable. Tomorrow is another day…try not to fret over it! The article ended with how intense the last three days of Jesus’ ministry were…would He have had the strength to finish… had He not spent 25years in preparation for those last three days of His life- that served to be eternally meaningful for all? “Take time to rejuvenate yourself before your grand finale!!

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