Having a Birthday…

…Is good because you know you are still breathing for one more year…at least, of course..the year just past. …Is a day to be thankful for …my mom loved us in her own way, she had a rough life, but she saw fit to give me life and to take care of me while I was vulnerable and defenseless….so I am thankful!
….is always a day for you …if you make it that. This is the first year in years that I was not fasting on my birthday…so I had a big strawberry sundae for me!!
You know being born on a history-maker’s birthday seems to always give you the desire to make history…beyond Elvis, I know that I am going to make history somehow!…I mean that in a good way!!
…having a great birthday..so far!
Happy birthday to all the others who were born today!!!!!!Hope it’s a great day for you too!!

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