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Autumn-my favorite time of year!

When we are young, we have dreams that we will be a singer, a writer, or whatever our dreams may be. Then we meet someone, fall in love and if we have not asked God first, may end up with a partner who is not united with our dreams, let’s face it, that may happen even if we have asked God. We do not always hear His direction clearly or obey His direction. God says in His word not to be unequally yoked to a partner, 2 Corinthians 6:14 and it is referring to someone who does not believe the same as you do, also in Amos 3:3: “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to meet.” Partners should share the destiny that God has for both of them. The ideal is that we come together because God has matched us up with someone. This is best to be covered in prayer well in advance. Even if partners are meant to be together , the road may still be rough. Only God can make those roads straight. So we need to put Him first in all relationships. When some partners try to overrule or use an abuse of power over the other partner, it becomes a destiny robbing, atmosphere, dreams may be torn down, partners become powerless. One person is trying to misuse that power at the expense of their partner and it becomes a terrible misrule in those situations. It is a toxic, traumatic atmosphere. People thought they were in love, yet they are being hurt by the one they pledged their life and loyalty to. Some people may be healed with lots of help, but the abused partner should never stay in that environment while the healing is taking place, it is not safe. 

If there is anyone out there who may be in a situation where you no longer feel safe because you are being mistreated by your partner, there is help out there for you. First, God sees everything and He wants you to fulfill your destiny and your dreams that He has given you! You are not alone! 

National hotline:1-800-799-SAFE(7233) 

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