Trust God

Everyone walks through seasons when it may become difficult to keep our trust in the Lord without wavering. I believe that is called being human.

Today is Columbus Day and I was reading some history of Columbus, crashing into a coral reef in Haiti in 1492. Their Christmas day was busy with transferring all the cargo from the Santa Maria onto the other two ships, then to his crew’s surprise, 40 of them were left there to begin a colony called the La Navidad. Sadly, when Columbus came back a year later, not one of them were left. I started thinking, “wow, I thought I had a rough life.” I could not begin to imagine how traumatic it must have been to have been one of those 40 people.

There are times when we have to stand on God’s word in order to continue to keep our trust in Him. Here are some scriptures to listen to and stand on to keep our focus on God:

Psalms 118:8- “It is better to trust the Lord for protection, than to trust someone else, including strong leaders.”

Psalms 46:10-“Our God says, calm down and know that I am God. All nations on earth will honor me.”

Proverbs 3:5,6-“With all your heart you must trust the Lord, and not your own judgement. Always let Him lead you and He will clear the road to follow.”

Sometimes we have to ask Him to help us to remain steadfast, and He will help you in your darkest hour.

Trust God!

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