Living Water

fresh water
My child I can give to you….

There was a woman at the well who came to get water for her animals and there at the well, she met Jesus. She had been through a lot, a rough life some might say. She came to the well looking for water that would quench a natural thirst, but instead she received a living water, water that would cause her to never thirst again. You may find this story in John 4:1-42. This woman had never been truly accepted not by man or by her community, she was never given truth and most important of all, she had never been redeemed. Jesus did not know the woman in life but He had Godly revelation about what had happened to her in the past , after Jesus shared with her things that only she knew and had never shared with Him or anyone, her eyes were opened to His truth. Once we drink of His living water , His acceptance, His truth, and then choose to believe in Him and make Him Lord of our life; we receive His forgiveness and redemption, and we will never thirst again. This story reminds me that Jesus is our Living Water and that He desires for everyone to believe in Him, come to Him for redemption. He willingly died for all of our sins, rose again to his heavenly Father for each one of us. This Easter remember what He sacrificed for us.

He makes our lives so full that we may never thirst again.

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