Ocean is Deep

We have heard the expression , “as deep as the ocean”- all of our lives. As a child, I would ask “how deep is the ocean?” The usual response was, very deep. It has been said that man has not conclusively established the deepest, deeps of the ocean, though progress is made daily. Yet the bible says in Job ,” when lightening falls from heaven, it may be seen at the bottom of the ocean”, so God knows the depth. To man, the answer remains unknown. There are many things unknown to us that we believe, with or without proof, of course it depends on how skeptical you may be. We have perceived many things as we travel life’s journey , we have surmised many things that may solidify those things- that we do believe; or shake things up a bit. The most important focus to me is not just to believe, but also to- believe well. The definition of what that would be may vary for each of us, but I believe in a living God who knows all, including the depth of the ocean.  

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