Makes Me Want To Sing

How Majestic

If the mountains could speak to one another , what do you think that they would say?  Would one argue to the other about how much more  majestic, one is, than the other? Each mountain is majestic in it’s own character.  To the eagle, he would say I am going home-to my nest in the mountain. He would not compare his mountain to a valley cliff, he would go to his home and take care of it, with ownership. It seems sometimes people take ownership of way too many things, that seem to make little difference in the journey that they are on. Your home is as majestic as you make it to be, how much you love, care for it, give thanks for it and how comfortable the place that you have -makes you feel.  My home makes me want to sing everyday. I look at something everyday that tells me , “Now doesn’t that just make me want to sing?” This season when things can become more valuable than life at times, remember the reason for the season, and oh, how Majestic is His name!” Merry Christmas to all !!!!Love each other daily and be thankful for all that you have.

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