Have The Time of Your Life

I always think that joy can change a moment. Am I choosing to embrace each moment with joy , as if it may be the last moment like this one? Do we think in the now or do we look over our shoulders with regrets and fears? Maybe we project ourselves into tomorrow or years from now – wondering what will happen that may rob our joy-all along not accepting the joy of living in that very moment.  Today I encourage you all to live in the now. with joy, absorb each bit of life before it slips away from you. I am very thankful to be alive today! Thankful to watch my grandchildren grow up into brilliant , creative catalysts of world change, they are all so gifted. Having a wonderful time  today with them, embracing each moment with joy!! Have a wonderful time today, the time of your life , all the time giving thanks for all that you have been given!  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!bread

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