October is Gone But Not Forgotten

Many of you may know that October is Domestic Violence awareness month. I have been so busy because of this that I neglected to make an entry at all for October. For all of you who actually do read this blog-sorry for my absence this past month. As an advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence/trauma I am writing about the issue all through out the year! If you or anyone that you may know are struggling in an abusive relationship, you can contact me on this website: hit contact Margaret tell me your story, I will do what I can to help bring light to you in your situation. Also check out my BOOKS page where you may purchase “No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper”which is written specific to those who may struggle with abuse or trauma, and “Choose Well: The Choices That You Make Affect Your Destiny”, this book is for anyone who has difficulty keeping an attitude that will bring positive mental, emotional and spiritual health. Missed you in October -it may be gone but not forgotten!!Hope to hear from you!

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