Where Does Your Help Come From

photo (4)Do you ever ask yourself where does my help and my strength come from? The world is filled with pain and uncertainty , things that we just can not understand. I most assuredly find myself reaching many times when things seem corrupt, bogged with bureaucracy and injustice-to the only entity that has ever given me hope, help and strength. He is the one who laid down His life so that when life does not make sense to me and I have no way to turn, by believing in Him, that He rose again to give me eternal life, I can find peace and shelter in the storms of life, help always when I need it! I look to the hills from where my help comes from, my help comes from the Lord Jesus Christ! If you do not know this savior , give yourself the best thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season, call on His name when you need help, strength and hope for the future!

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