Poof You Are A Robin

This morning my departure was distracted by two little baby robins , their wobbly heads stretching and bodies following to the side of the stick- weave fortress. Even though I wanted to be on my way , I could not help but notice one precocious baby started bobbing his body almost in a” here I go, ready or not” fashion. I had a mother’s reaction, “no, don’t jump yet-you are not , ready!” Down he went, crazy out of control, right into the side of my neighbor’s house. My neighbor and I went looking for this little escapee, found him bewildered in a bush of ivy. My first instinct was to want to put him back in his nest, but it was too late, he had been released into a crash course of what the world had to offer him, one moment you are in total care of your mom, then suddenly , poof, you’re a robin!
I am sure this one will have a tough road to hoe, at least for the first few days, but now- he is on his own.
There are times when we are in an abusive situation, a crisis will occur and we
jump out of the nest blindly. We know we can not accept what just happened, but we are not able to wrap our minds around all of the new responsibilities that are thrown at us especially, when there are children involved. That is why education is so important and yes, if you are at risk, you need to leave, get out, find safety for you and your children. The reality is: you must plan what you are going to do to remain safe. This part is so difficult when you vacillate in your mind between what you thought you had, the person you thought he/she could be to you , and the reality of who he or she really is. Ready or not , always know there are support services out there to help you, it is important to use these services and listen to what people are educating you to do. otherwise you may be left in the lurch and further traumatized by what may come next. People who abuse you , will most likely continue to do it. Things do not grow better without some willingness to change and intense therapy. Things will almost never change on their own in an abusive situation.
Carefully plan what you have to do to be safe so that you and your children are at less risk.

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