I Have Been Found Again

It’s transition time. For anyone out there who actually does read my blog , I am sorry I have been temporarily out of commission. I have had some great things happening and some not so great. My brilliant son, Bret and his beautiful partner, Jaime have revamped my website for me-I am hoping that it makes navigating around the site more pleasant. Please let me know what you think!! THANK YOU BRET AND JAIME! I love it! So, it has taken me awhile to get back on here and make an entry , so busy! I have been in a transitional state, I am coming around again. The fact is there are many people out there who are still lost and I happen to think that I can be of help to them so that they may be found again as well!!

I have often been told :” ….you seem to know exactly what I am feeling!” That is because I have been through many things, to many places and one thing I know above all else is that I never want to stay lost again!! I hope to assist anyone who may still feel lost!! Isn’t that why we experience everything that we do? We can show someone else the way!

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