A couple of days ago I was coming in from parking my car in the garage and there scurrying down my driveway (which is about 50 feet off the main street in my city) was a mother, woodland duck and four baby ducks. They were waddling…  as if annoyed by my presence… up the middle of my driveway. Yes, you guessed it… they were heading for the busy main street. My heart moved with compassion as I pondered what was about to happen. How strange…what are they doing here in the middle of this busy city, there are no ponds, no fountains with enough water to call home.

Many of us when roaming in unfamiliar territory may find ourselves running straight for a very destructive end as well. …my mom used to say “don’t run in the woods in the dark as you can not see the cliffs or drop offs and you may run into them”. All of us face new territory… transitions in our lives are always an opportunity to grow. Always use wisdom to think before you act, make wise choices.

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