Do Not Let Go of Hope!!!

Hope literally means to desire with expectation of fulfillment, to wish, to want, confident expectation, to place confidence, rely…and a number of other definitions. When we lose our hope, we lose all desire with expectation of fulfillment…we stop believing that what we long for will be fulfilled, we stop wishing, wanting, we are not confident to expect any good thing. Think about what gets your motor going every day. Is it work, going for an appointment? Meeting a friend or a loved one for lunch? Finishing an art project , praying, studying? What if there is absolutely nothing for you to do but eat, sleep, and breathe? What is the expectation then? I believe we always need to expect something good, wait patiently for the fulfillment of whatever that something is. What are we waiting for? Something good!!!! We need to guard against letting go of hope- many things that are counterproductive for our contentment , peace and livelihood…we do need to let go of…but always try to expect something good is about to happen and you will not let go of your hope.

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