Fresh Breath

Definition of breath in The Standard College Dictionary: air inhaled and exhaled in respiration, power or ability to breathe, draw a long breath, the time of a single instant, slight delay, a slight movement an articulate utterance, murmur, whisper……it goes on and on-any brief instant of activity. While working out at the gym-I was listening this morning to an exciting roar from the other side of the gym where a basketball game was underway. So much excitement, so much passion, it was so good to hear the unity of …the breath that only takes an instant…. bringing forth such a mighty roar!! It makes you feel so very alive…to hear passion roaring out of people . We all have a roar within us one that drives us to a destiny…never give up on your dreams… there is.. in every moment the fresh breath…the new chance to continue on to complete your goals, to produce a roar on this earth…a roar that can touch and change history.

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