Anything is Possible

Have you ever began doing a project -then midstream in the process a voice in your head starts to chatter,”You can’t do this!!” You are charged with fear that you should abort the mission. Forget it -it’s just too hard. These thoughts come from old tapes from an authority-bound mentality. This mentality stifles any natural creativity that we might have. Prison bars become placed around any “new ideas”.This authority-bound mentality comes from a literal entrapment to the punitive parent with many rules and restrictions on everything. This mentality can keep a 50 year old still doing what their parents say even as a adult.This can be a trap that hinders people from ever finding their own rules and guidelines. To start something new, to create or invent it is important to abandon old traps in the mind that tell you ,”You Can’t do that”. I do believe that anything is possible!!

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  • I have had to pray against the “I can’t do this” many times. Thanks for writing about it.

  • I do believe we all struggle with this from time to time, when we struggle, we are prisoners of our own mind , thanks for commenting-(you are the 5th contact) –the 10th contact will win a copy of “Choose Well:The Choices That You make Affect Your Destiny.