Turkeys fly too Low

How am I working this out in my mind? Must be some symbolism here. I am glad I am alive today. Goal for the future-never pick up turkeys- -they can get you down! They may fly low but you do not have to be found that low yourself,  life is too short.

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  • I’m glad you weren’t seriously injured, and that it was just the windshield and not a more damaging collision such as with a deer. Drive safely!

  • I am very thankful too-it was all covered by the insurance-all good now!!!!I am vigilant with my peripheral vision, now!

  • This is very true-first we as people see things in the natural-then we continue on in the spiritual for the rest of the lesson!

  • I’m glad you were not hurt. Too bad you didn’t pick up the turkey though you could have frozen it until Thanksgiving 😉

  • There was something about his eyes-sort a look of the turkey from hell-not sure if I could have really enjoyed that wild bird!!!! It is all good , now!!