I went to see Tommy Train with my grandchildren and children for the day. Great memories. As in life, the day had it’s traumatic and euphoric ups and downs. The climax was when my two year old grandson had to be told it was time to leave the bouncey “Tommy Train” fun house. He had to be picked up kicking and screaming and carried to a better place called rest, sleep and refreshing-yet  left to his own devises, he would have bounced in that bouncey house until he fell asleep in the corner from exhaustion. A good thing is only good for you in moderation, we all need to learn boundaries-most of us do that very same thing (kick and scream) when we are taught that a boundary may need to be introduced at a given situation. It may even seem very painful and traumatic to us when something that we “feel” is good- needs some healthy limits placed upon it. All things that are painful are not necessarily bad for us when it concerns healthy boundaries. Without being taught healthy boundaries children tend to grow up never knowing where the boundary is between good and bad. It is also difficult to establish good boundaries that keep the good in and the bad out in a balanced manner.

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