A truly life-changing experience that I acquired was going to Romania twice on mission trips. The church in Oradea needed help as they were building a new church and we went to help physically do some work on the church and to do some ministry there. We met some very wonderful Romanian people and enjoyed the beauty of some of the buildings there. People all over the world are very similar with their needs, wants and desires and life experiences . Of course the culture is different, the language, the customs- but doing a mission trip may open up your eyes to how much we have in common with people all over the world. My heart went out to the needs of the children in that city. We visited a children’s hospital, and children’s residential agency. Conditions were not same as America. Most important, people need to hear about Jesus all over the world, which was the focus for all who went. I was so glad I went. This is missions week,(at my church) thought I would share my own encouraging word about how rewarding it is.

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