What is holding you back ?
At dawn one morning I was sweeping the fallen leaves , which are still green at this point ; there stuck in the heavy dew on my deck was a beautiful dragonfly. It was still alive it’s fragile wings captured by the dew, it’s legs scrambling as if to say “help me , maybe if I run faster I can pull loose from the deadly hold of the morning mist.” I found a large leaf nearby with a long stem. I held onto the leaf as the stem reached those busy legs, there; I saw the relief as the dragonfly desperately grabbed hold of the liberating stem. I let the dragonfly pull itself out of the dew. The wings spun in a renovating fashion to expel all of the dew, the dragonfly just hung on for dear life spinning it’s wings, until at last- the wings were dry enough to fly away. Free. As I pondered about the escape of this lovely dragonfly, I saw myself. This year has put many of us in a state of hold. I was out of work for almost 3 months,(due to the pandemic) I have been suffering from writer’s block, everything inside of me saying, no one will read it anyways. I was stuck just as if my wings were being held by some unknown force-like the dew held that poor dragonfly. Then I had a revelation. I have been here before, yes -when I was trapped in abuse. I always tell myself and anyone I have ever counseled, “You can never go back there!” You were set free, refuse to go back to that place!” The One who held the leaf stem out to me was Jesus Christ , my Lord and Savior. Weeks of stagnation, uncertainty, what’s next for me and though I daily pray, and study the word of God, I had let the heaviness of the world grab hold of my wings. I am always crying out to my Lord, keep me in Your care, let me always obey your voice and please keep me in Your Kingdom purposes. I thank God for the dragonfly that reminded me I am free. Free to write, free to sing, free to do all that God called me to do, this is just a time of transition, and Lord knows , redefinition of who I am. Only God is the voice we listen to- to “hold us back”, He keeps us safe. Never let the dew of the world capture you and hold you back from what God has for you. God is our refuge, He is in control. Cling to Him.

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  • i loved this story, thank you for sharing. i can totally relate to feeling so stuck, so blah, almost broken, and then something in nature teaches me how to see my situation differently. it’s amazing how much those small things mean sometimes. <3