Happy New Year !


The definition of the word “new” is: not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time, not previously used or owned , of recent origin or arrival, freshly or recently produced, may have already existed and had been seen, experienced, or acquired for the first time, different from the previous one, reviving another or others of the same kind. The list goes on!

This year, may you escape that which is old and non-productive in your lives and be brave to step into those thoughts, activities, mindsets and next steps that are different than the previous ones, those activities that will serve to revive you and bring “new” life to you. Oftentimes- guilt, shame and blame are not relative to you if you are secure in the way that you think and if you are able to set good boundaries against people , places and things that want to bring you down and destroy you. There is an old saying “hurt people like to hurt people”- so always consider the source of any disclaiming or degrading words. There is a great story that my pastor once told about “the crab in the bucket”. He went on to say that if you place many crabs in the bottom of a bucket, and sit to watch what comes next, the little crab that strives desperately to climb up the side of the bucket to make “it’s escape” from the prison it is in, will get only so far , then the crabs that are still in the bucket, will grab hold of the one escaping and pull the little crab right back into the bucket. Never to escape-this vicious cycle repeats itself, over and over again. That is what many people do year after year, and they never get out of that old bucket! No one can make you be or do anything unless you allow it to happen to you. Don’t be a crab, get out of the bucket ! Be accountable for your next steps and do not let anyone out there talk you out of moving forward and being revived!  A very happy new year to all!

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