Look Until You Find Quiet

Random 047I have been on vacation in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it has been an adventure here, with the flood waters, all the winds and tumultuous waves. Things are calmer now and we are beginning to enjoy the hot tub, pool and beach again. Believe me I am grateful that we did not get hit like towns only a few miles away did, we are blessed, safe and as I said very thankful!

I do miss New York, sometimes we have to make ourselves unwind and enjoy quiet , if only we can find quiet! Sometimes we find a quiet setting, and our minds clamor and will not allow us that peace and quiet that brings refreshing! When we hear those voices that try to take you back to your past or stress you out about your future, we have to say no to those voices and ground ourselves about where we are and embrace the peace when we have the opportunity to. This is Domestic Violence Awareness month and I speak peace to all of those victims who have heard it all, who have had monstrosities programmed into their identity , who have to search long and hard to find peace and quiet. You can also find peace and be free of that oppression someday! If you are already free from living in abuse-recognize those old thoughts that sometimes try to speak louder than our realities. Find peace in your mind, we have no real control over how other people act and live, but we do have control over what we will allow to cross into our own safety and rob us of our peace. Be thankful for all that you have been set free from today! If you are out there and still struggling to be free,  let God be your strength, your help, and focus on only what He says you are, not on what the world tells you that you are.

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