Come To The Living Waters

Are we tired of frozen waters? Many times when we have freely released from our bellies those things that we are most passionate about, those thoughts, passions, or convictions are sometimes “slapped down” by the world, a friend , a significant other, or a family member. So the worse thing that may happen is that we choose to shut up and never voice what we believe in again. All those passions become frozen inside of us. It is OK to voice what you believe in , people may not agree, but that is fine. Each has his own passion. What makes people unique are the differences that we all share. I know that living in abuse, you are told that you do not have a right to believe in anything.  You are taught to be powerless. Come to the living waters, be empowered , be renewed and accepted just the way that you are!  Christ gives us  living water that we may never thirst again!
Waterfall Near Arthur's Castle, Cornwall, UK

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