Look Hard For the Light

I was painting my sun porch yesterday, looking out the window I noticed that two doors down someone had left their lamp post on. It was the peak of a very beautiful , sunny day and I thought if I had not looked closely , I am sure that I would have overlooked that light burning in the sunlight. In dark places -this lamp post would map out a path for many; here in the brilliance of the sun- just a wash out of light. I hope that the light that can be seen from my life is never a wash out among other lights , but instead, I pray that you will not have to look hard for the Son’s light to shine forth in me-“Walk in the light -for He is The Light” – God gets all the glory!

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  • Has anyone had a problem commenting on this blog? A friend of mine tried to put an entry the other day and she got an oops thing. Thanks