Violence Is Senseless

There are no words spoken in a moment of a violent act that will ever make someone, (not even the perpetrator of the violence), be able to communicate the rage in a depth that will make that violent act worthwhile. After all is over with-has your attitude been changed about the abuser? Does it make someone say, “Now I get what he/she is saying here?” No, the pain and trauma from witnessing the event causes us to want to run from the abuser, does not encourage us to say, I want to draw closer to this person who is upset, I want to feel bad because they feel bad. On the contrary; people feel bad , but not for any reason that would help to make sense to anyone perpetrating a violent situation-or anyone else for that matter. Instead people say, “that person is crazy-get me away from him/her!” Many people have been left with questions, “what on earth was that person thinking?-what did they want to gain from this act of terror?-how can I ever trust that something like this will never happen again?”
Women and children in an abusive home, may have a gun pointed at them at any random time. It is like living in a war zone only , at least at war, there is a country to defend. When the violence is empty of a cause, it becomes so, senseless.
My heart goes out to all those families in the Mohawk, Herkimer and entire Mohawk Valley region of New York, I am praying for peace and comfort for those families of the shooting victims, four dead, two still recovering in the hospital. The shooter gunned down in the old Glory Days building, Herkimer, New York. What made no sense when it began on that tragic day; continued to make no sense to a valley of people in shock and traumatized by this senseless act of violence.
I continue to pray for the victims who are recovering in the hospital, God has given them a second chance. To my home town, valley community, I share painfully with your loss.

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