Girl Without Shoes

I do hope that eveyone had a great holiday time and many blessings for this New Year!! I have been travelling a lot and have not made an entry in awhile. I am honored to invite you to checkout for a post from my new book “Girl Without Shoes” which has not been released yet. This work has a copywright 2012.
Rachel specializes in counseling Psychology, Trauma Recovery and Relationships. She will be posting three different excerpts from my newest work which has already been published in the United Kingdom. These posts will appear on :Jan 2, 2013, Jan 9, 2013 and Jan 16, 2013. Post #1 is up as of today Jan 2 CHECK OUT THIS LINK:
I will post other respective links as the each part is up on post! Please respond with feedback or any requests for supportive counsel , sometimes reading about about trauma will spark a flashback; our intent is for people to find healing and move forward!
Don’t miss this chance to take a peek at these excerpts from “Girl Without Shoes” which are extracted from my autobiography soon to be released. Thank You , Rachel for posting part of my story. The truth is that there are many people who have similar traumatic stories of their own and are in need of healing and restoration from these traumatic memories. Rachel offers counseling and coaching and is a very reachable support for anyone who wants to heal from trauma. If anyone needs support after reading my story you may contact either Rachel Grant ( or myself, Margaret Marie , go to my contact page and click on the contact. No one deserves to be abused , mistreated and dehumanized. My hope is that people who may be trapped in a situation of trauma will find their way out and find healing. Thanks for the post Rachel!

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