Have a “New Beginnings” New Year!!

We often say “I want things to change” , yet we tend to fall back into the same ruts that we pulled ourselves “half” out of last year. It’s like the crab in the bucket routine, when the bulk of the crabs see that one of their fellow crabs is crawling out to freedom, they pull him back in to the bucket. Whoa-where am I going with this? I say it’s time to purpose to change the areas in us where we allowed the environmental “crabs in the bucket” to pull us back into a trap. We recognize the old rejections, the old emotions, all the old rusty cycles of thinking that have pulled us back to the same problems that we have sat under in the past. We can choose not to give our personal power over to the things that have robbed us in the past!! It is our choice only! Let this be a year of new beginnings!

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