The definition of surrender is: To yield possession of or power over to another; give up because of demand or compulsion. To give up or abandon , to give up oneself over to a passion or influence.The biggest struggle that we fight is in our minds. We hear “as soon as I give things over to the Lord, I willingly take it back.” Two beings can not be in control and have total power over the same thing.They can manage and share the power..If they both will to be in full control or power- one has to eventually yield to the passion and the might of the other, or a fight for the power will eventually ensue. The moment we have the thought that we need to do this or that in our own power, we do ourselves a great disservice. Our power is no match at all for the power of the one who created us. When the thought to take control comes to us, we need to say “no”. I know I do not have the power it takes to walk through this….but I know one who does. We need to surrender, sometimes even by the moment to the one called Jesus, who has all power , Glory and Honor that we need to carry us through any thing that we may go through.

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