Just Do It!!!!!

I worked for the state for several years and it was always interesting how many meetings, subcommittee meetings, task-force committees etc… that I had attended over the years. It never ceased to amaze me how it took so long, so much outlining, organizing , plotting, scheming to come to a consensus-on any thing. You can never be too careful, too cynical, too unmotivated, too negative, or simply too undirected to see a plan come to fruition! I do not mean to pick on the state …I believe you may run into this in any agency, I am a proponent of defining what the need or job is, who ultimately has the power to say what the goal should be, listen to a seasoned person’s directions (or you be one directing) and just do it!!! It seemed I got so much more done with this attitude. I guess I ask the question, “What needs to be done…what are the guidelines that we go by?…So then ..let’s do it!!!!!” Who is asking for your opinion or 20 minute dissertation on what you think….just do what you are told!!! Even workers for God’s kingdom get caught up in this trap, being cynical and negative…time is a wasting… souls are being lost…..we are told to go into the world and tell others about Jesus … so let’s just do it!!!!!

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