Life goes so quickly that it does seem like a vapor…disappearing in the wind. It seems like the business of life keeps the days hidden sweetly… in surrender to the drive to get through another grueling schedule. One day you wake up and ask yourself …how did I get here? Where has the past gone? You start thinking of the old days when you were young. These were days that in your mind were never going to end. When you are young everything is either black or it’s white.You think that things will always be there at your disposal…as if the things that you count on will always be there. The hope for anything is at your fingertips…the day may come when you ask…when did things change?? Where was I ?…Was I too busy to see…to know what I was missing? Or did I miss anything? It’s like water over the damn…once it is over…it is difficult to distinguish which part was the stream and which was the pool it fell into. The most important thing is to live life to the fullest…be happy…love a lot…touch someone else and laugh often. Inspired by Jo.

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