What is on your mind?

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, “what am I thinking?” You hear the expression all the time, “what was he thinking?”
It is too often that we let our thoughts “run a muck”. Something maybe happened at work, the mind replays it all day long disrupting even your evening when you are far away from the problem. Maybe it’s that someone is angry at you and said a nasty word to you and the mind works you “over the coals” about what you did or did not do. You wonder why you just can not seem to be happy. So much of our time is spent vacillating between what happened in the past or worrying about what is going to happen in the future.  I advise people that I counsel, to let go of the pain of the past-(first grieve the losses) then make a decision to let it go! What is the sense in worrying about something that you have no control over? You are not in control of other people the only thing you do have control over is what you choose to think about. Then consequently, what you choose to do given what you are thinking…or not thinking. Tell your mind “no, I choose not to think about that” ..and start to find some more positive thoughts to rehearse in your mind. It takes some practice…to have better thoughts about the things that happen to us… over which we sometimes have little or no control.

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