I Wish You Joy!

If joy could be purchased from the shelves of stores or ordered in a catalog… Lord knows, it would be in high demand and the stores would be hard pressed to keep the shelves stocked! What tickles me most is my grand kids. They are so unconditionally full of joy-most kids have no problem turning any event into a very happy moment. Unfortunately, with kids … they can also quickly become sad, hurt and broken. We say that we have grown up when we learn to better “control” our emotions. Though  it may still happen that we see a “grown up” person have a tantrum in public…it is rare that we see an adult laying in the middle of the floor kicking and screaming because he/she did not get what they really wanted.  Grown up people get disappointed too and have other ways to express their pain, some ways are productive and some are not at all.  We are always looking for ways to feel happy, contented , at peace or filled with joy. It is important to find ways that are not going to cause us more pain in the long run.

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