The Moon Was a Ghostly Galleon……

Just returned from a visit to paradise, beach house on the ocean, beautiful pool and jacuzzi.  The deck upstairs seated white, wicker chairs that rocked by themselves in the ocean breeze- which was relentless and so relaxing. The first night the moon lit up the majestic waves as they crashed violently into the sandy beach-there was no creature hiding from the light of the moon that night! As days went on, the moon began to hide behind the clouds. Every day I went looking for the moon , but it was hiding. Many days had passed and lo there it was tossed upon the clouds, only now like a galleon sailing in the night sky. I remembered the words from “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes … “The moon was a ghostly galleon ..tossed upon cloudy seas…” I tried to take a picture of it but was unable to slipped away under the clouds that carried it to another place…hiding.. A new day began as the sun burst open the horizon and brilliant colors of pinks, reds, yellows shimmered across the water. That galleon, never to be seen again!

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