Embrace All The Beauty

The sun beating into my windows invited me to join those that were already up for breakfast, it was too gorgeous outside to stay in. I love this time of year! I have wanted to drive to Cherry Valley just for the sites and stop at the TeePee. So I did. The rolling green hills were beginning to reflect faint colors as if very slightly shadowed with a paste of pipe clay. So beautiful. I was right by Cooperstown so , of course I could not pass by it without stopping down by the lake and driving through town to the old stone covered bridge. The lake was a brilliant blue today, it is so amazing how the water seems to take on the mood of the sky – as if a mirror with an attitude. The blues had a fleet of white sail boats dancing next to each other along it’s calm surface , very peaceful to watch. This has always been one of my favorite places to come, I want to buy a house on the lake, someday. I count the bodies of water that I see each time I go this way-I pass at least 8 lakes and ponds. It is so peaceful by the water. I often can bring myself right back to this peace…each time I think about the beauty that I embrace. Please enjoy the beauty that is around you. Let us never take for granted that we can see all the beauty while we still are able to.

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