Some of us may feel pummeled by those who continue to hurt or wound us inadvertently or willfully, day in and day out. Memories can also haunt us causing old wounds, unforgiveness, to spring up again and again. You are not alone! It seems like that child rises up inside of us and cries out for the same size piece of candy, or the same time alone with someone who nurtures us, or ample time with a favorite toy instead of practice time at the piano. Sometimes there is no candy, there are no nurturers, and there was never any toys in the house growing up. This is a great breeding ground of pain. True forgiveness is realizing the pain, grieving the loss of that thing that is causing the pain and saying “I choose to let you go”. I will not hold the memory of this inside of me. I will not seek revenge. We may very well need to “let go” several times a day and move forward. But in the end, we will be free, and the other person or (persons) will be in God’s hands.

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