I Want To Be Real

So much of our lives we are impacted by the constraints that various people, places, and things put upon us. There are times when what we thought would make us free to be ourselves may just turn into another constraint… for one reason or another. I think that may be why the “hippie” era was so interesting -that of course…in a world filled with needs to maintain status quo and to put food in the children’s mouths….led a free generation to a working class dynasty, and it seems so hard to look back after that. I love to say “home free” and in reality…really be home and free…free to be yourself…. free to love…free to laugh. So many families are so bound up with unfulfilled dreams, anger and other pain that even if they have a moment to feel happy…. it does not match the circumstance with the home and the folks that are playing that hide and seek game. Where are we really….are we “home free”…or are we home and in bondage. We all cry out to be real and free to be who we want to be.

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