To My Brother Fred

There is an old saying-“There are no atheists found in foxholes”(author unknown). I am convinced of God’s power in my life and for that I am very grateful. I do not know what I would do without Him. I would truly be undone! God’s power is unlimited-He needs no teachers to guide or correct Him.Who can understand how God scatters the clouds and speaks from His home in a thunderstorm? And when He sends lightening from heaven -it can be seen at the bottom of the ocean…..depths that man has yet to explore. Power….that man has yet to explore. I know my brother is in a peaceful , wonderful place…a place filled with God’s power, no more pain, no more tears….best fishing ever….a place filled with generosity…filled with love…(because you are there Freddie)! Help God to send us some rain on this dry weary land. I will love you forever……til we meet again. Ask God to please send us more people like you.