Every once and awhile, all of us need a lifeline. We get busy, we get tired and for one reason or another, we feel empty. This is true of all people of every walk of faith. It is great to know that through the strength of our God (Jesus), there is a chance to have new hope and a new beginning. What happens when we can not find the reality of our place- in who we are in Christ? We sometimes need a lifeline. The reason that I placed the lyrics of the worship leader Sarah Kelly below, “At About Midnight” is that, the day I was led to hear that song on You Tube , it spoke to me in such a way that I began to feel alive in my gifts again. Don’t get me wrong I love, and I am sold out to Jesus and His work, but just sometimes we need His lifeline tossed to us to tell us we are on the right track. This song was written as a cry from a world of physical abuse, I know the advocacy that I do is the right thing to do, for all those who are still stuck in a much darker place. This was my lifeline this week due to my calling, I hope that you find your lifeline, it is not true that we always have to be perfect, He loves us just the way that we are! Check out her video maybe it will speak to you too.