Peaceful Greens

I just got back from a visit to the Catskills. The mountains are in technicolor! I did find refreshing there. I stayed at the Thompson house, off my room was a slate porch which looked over a view of the golf course. The hills rolled endlessly.These peaceful greens went as far as the eye could see. There in the distance, the greens tucked into the mountains. The brilliant colors were kissed by fog that morning, nothing could rob the wonder of this peaceful scene. I was trying to read, but the peace of this place kept calling to me to take in all of the refreshing that was there for me just sitting and looking. Do not pass up your moment to find peace when it comes your way!

Secret Place

When I was in England, we strolled through the majestic grounds of the Blenheim Palace. As we strolled our eyes beheld a magnolia that was purchased by a royal family donated to the garden… in full bloom, it was a breathtaking sight. Hiding behind the magnolia tree was finely, groomed hedgerow that led into the gate to another garden… hanging above the entrance was a sign that read: Secret Garden. There was such peace in that place. Here the rhododendrons lined the walk in clusters of pinks, whites and purples. The grass did not even look real it was so carefully cultivated. It was a safe place. Each one of us has a safe place to go within ourselves, when it seems you can not go on, when things are so crazy, so lonely….there is a secret place in knowing the Lord in having His presence with us in being able to retreat to that safe and peaceful place in the Father’s arms. There, He takes away the hurt and the pain. Come to His Secret Garden and find refreshing.