Live Life to the Fullest

Last night’s-long planned event went great . I thank all of you for coming out and being a part of that creative work!! I sang a solo “I’m Drinking from my Saucer Because my Cup Has Overflowed”… as I thought about the words… so much that we have been given is sometimes taken for granted…”and if I should go on living, and the way gets steep and rough… I won’t ask for other blessings Lord…’cause I’m already blessed enough…may I never be too busy …to help another bear his load…I’m drinking from my saucer Lord.. because my cup has overflowed”. Life is too short not to smell, feel, taste and embrace all that life has for us. Many live life…and reach out to help others, and others do not. Life is too short..we truly can not get back any time that we have wasted…not enjoying this journey called life…I have been given a second chance…God knows, perhaps many more chances than that!!! I so much need to not let things rob me of the right to embrace this great time on this journey..and I do feel I am drinking from my saucer since I have been blessed so much- that my cup has overflowed!! I encourage you all to enjoy this awesome journey!