My heart Breaks For The Children

People need a permit in New York to get a pistol and we all know that it is illegal to drive a car without a drivers license (or permit) which requires a test to ensure roadworthy skills. When we go to the altar to get married to our future mate we need a license … to marry. It boggles my mind how anyone, anywhere without any restriction can be a parent, whether in your right mind ,  emotional setting or bedlam. Funny- how parents who are opting to adopt undergo intense scrutiny yet “the parents of a child” are not given the same scrutiny whatsoever.. of course unless brought to the attention of family court…or parties involved make a complaint. Yesterday…a three month old child was shot and killed by his father…this was a domestic violence situation. This is insanity.  It has been said …”if she is being beaten she must deserve it, she must like it”, the mindless comments go on and on. No one deserves to be beaten, ridiculed, mocked, belittled,emotionally tortured or imprisoned in their own home. My heart goes out to the poor mother of this child -it was not her fault-she was trying to end a nightmare in her home…domestic violence. This poor, sweet angel was just relying on his parents to nurture and take care of him, trusting them to love him unconditionally. The fact that children go through the tyranny that they do… when living in domestic violence- was just brought to the forefront by this helpless, tiny, martyr. Bless this family , O God.